Week 4 Coursework

Week 4 Coursework.

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  1. Which reconnaissance tool comes with Microsoft Windows that can provide and can be initiated from the DOS command prompt? What useful information does this query provide?

    You can get open ports, IP addresses, and DNS server names from Sam Spade, Whois, ping, nslookup, dig, traceroute, finger, SMTP, VRFY, and Web browser.

    What is the difference between ARIN, RIPE, IANA? What regions of the world do these domain name registry organizations cover?

    ARIN covers North America, Africa South of the equator and portions of the Caribbean. APNIC covers Asia and Pacific Region, LACNIC covers Latin America, the Caribbean and RIPE covers Europe, parts of Asia, Africa north of the equator, and the Middle East.

    3. What other functions can be completed using the Sam Spade Utility?
    whois, traceroute, finiger, ping, and nslookup.

    4. What is the purpose of the traceroute command? What useful information does traceroute provide? How can this information be used to attack the targeted website?

    It identifies the route that the host takes to the destination system; it also shows a route by hops.

    5. What important information can be gleaned from a whois record for a website?

    The information is about ownership and contact for the specified host’s domain. The tool is convenient because the number of domain name registrars will grow.

    6. How many different Whois profiles are pre-loaded in the Sam Spade Utility?
    7. Is Sam Spade an intrusive tool? What is your perspective on the use of a freeware utility such as Sam Spade?

    No it is not it is a security tool.
    8. What do you think companies and organizations should do with regard to access to Whois information in the public domain?
    They should not display information that because of security issues.
    9. What icon or function in Sam Spade downloads the entire HTML code of the targeted website?
    Browser Web function displays the HTTP code providing the details of the Web server as the operating system, Web server software, and HTTP extensions.
    10. Why would someone use a proxy to perform data gathering from a remote website?
    Proxy give a user a wide range of IP address and port numbers that contain massive amount of information that can be acquired that can be used to predict malware
    11. If you wanted to find out if a person has been arrested of has a court date for anything specific, what information would you need to Google?
    If you have the person personal information like name and date of birth you cloud just do a Google search.
    12. How can you estimate the number of employees who work in an organization’s remote office or facility?
    If you know how many computers they have at each location you determine how many employees they have.
    13. What is the goal when trying to use a search engine for data gathering or footprinting?
    Mapping a baseline of the network that’s trying to be access or protect depending on what your task is. This will give you an inside look on how the network in working.

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Week 4 Coursework


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