What are the Key Points Thorne makes About health Promotion in the Context of Chronic illness?: Nursing Assignment ,UOT ,Canada

What are the Key Points Thorne makes About health Promotion in the Context of Chronic illness?: Nursing Assignment ,UOT ,Canada.

Learning Activity-5
Please read the following article and then respond to questions below. Read the following:

In your own words, respond to the following questions in 250–500 words total for the whole activity.

  • What are the key points Thorne makes about health promotion in the context of chronic illness?
  • Consider what you have read in the above vignette about Jack’s situation. Describe evidence of Jack’s issues as you read from Thorne’s article?

Health Promoting Interactions: Insights from the Chronic Illness Experience

Ws funny, you know. All these people are smarter than you are at some particular thing, but there’s not one person who is smarter than me about me. And so It’s always tricky because there’s a certain area where they have more knowledge and more expertise. But they don’t see the whole as much as you do, and you have to make your own decisions. Reflective Consumer
Although much of the current focus In health promotion literature is legitimately directed to-ward Increasing the health of populations at a social and health policy level, the concept of health promotion Is equally relevant In the day-to-day interactions that all health care professionals have with their clients (Mechanic, 1999).

No longer considered neutral channels through which health services are accessed and information Imparted, health care professionals are better understood today as active agents of a social Ideology that defines what counts as a Health Issue, what interpretations of health matters are sufficiently Important to warrant the allocation of scarce resources, and which aspects of health and well-being are an appropriate focus for-promotion efforts.

From a consumer perspective, health care professionals are the human face of a system of Idea that is of critical Importance In accessing knowledge, making effective decisions, and obtaining the supports and resources necessary to Attain the highest level of health possible (Wells, 1998). For the patient on the receiving end of a Sally E. Thorne new diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment plan, the care and concern expressed verbally and over-belly by the health care professional may communicate the difference between hope and despair, between optimism and defeat.

Thus, analysis of the actions and motivations of health care professionals In a health promotion context is relevant to the development of a practical theory that will help us better appreciate how people Interact with their health In a social context.

It seems self-evident that skilled communication between professionals and their clients Involves a complex interaction between substance and process, what we communicate, and how we do it. When the health care professional en-gages in Interaction with any client, the values, beliefs, and assumptions conveyed to the client become the context within which information exchange occurs, understandings of the situation are reconciled, and problems are identified and solved.

Thus the role of these human exchanges In controlling the discourses around health pro-motion and In constructing the Ideological positions that will be privileged Is a fruitful element of health promotion development. This chapter explores the face of health promotion interaction using insights obtained from ac-counts of those with a particular interest in health promotion—persons living with ongoing health challenges. My interest in this field grew out of an extensive program of Insider research Into the experience of those with chronic illness or cancer. Because they have explicit health challenges.

What are the Key Points Thorne makes About health Promotion in the Context of Chronic illness?: Nursing Assignment ,UOT ,Canada


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