What five areas are required to follow the respirator standard?

What five areas are required to follow the respirator standard?.

I’m working on a Management question and need guidance to help me study. What five areas are required to follow the respirator standard?
Identify three mandatory appendices areas required by respirator standard.
Identify three types of respirators which required fit testing.
What is a high efficiency respirator filter?
What is a canister or cartridge?
What is and End-of-Service-Life indicator?
What is a negative pressure respirator?
What is an Air-Purifying Respirator?
What is an atmosphere Supplying Respirator?
What is a SCBA?
What are the two types of user seal checks?
What is a Qualitative Fit Test?
What is a Quantitative fit test?
What is the definition of IDLH?
What is an oxygen deficient atmosphere?
Identify two requirements of a Respirator Program.
Identify two requirements of employer when employee is allowed to use respirator when a respirator is not required.
Identify three respirator program elements.
What is the respirator selection requirement in relation to sizes and models?
What two types of respirators can be used in IDLH atmospheres?
What is employer required to do if there is no ESLI appropriate for conditions?
Filters certified for particulates should have what median diameter?
What type of respirator should be used for Tuberculosis?
Identify two types of medical evaluation required for respirator users.
What type of fit testing must be used if you want to get fit factor over 100?
Identify two requirements for breathing air quality.
Identify two recordkeeping requirements for respirators.
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What five areas are required to follow the respirator standard?


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