What is the difference between a group and a team? Explain the terms and give an example of each.

What is the difference between a group and a team? Explain the terms and give an example of each..

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Read the questions below and respond in writing with the most suitable answer. There are sixteen questions.
You must complete them all. Most questions require short answers. You may use various sources of
information including your workbook, internet and other documents. Your assessor will advise when this is
What is the difference between a group and a team? Explain the terms and give an example of each.
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(a) What are team goals?
(b) Why do teams need goals to be effective?
(c) Give three (3) examples of team goals of teams you have participated in or are currently participated in,
such as work teams, sports or college teams.
Team objectives are smaller, more short-term goals – the means by which your ultimate goals are met. They
are statements defining how the team will measure their success.
SMART objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed. For one goal that you have
related to your career or studies, develop a set of SMART objectives to achieve the goal.
Overall goal:
SMART objectives:
Specific Individual response
Measurable Individual response
Achievable Individual response
Relevant Individual response
Timed Individual response
You are planning for a team’s work. Number the following activities in the correct sequence.
Number? Activity
Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Develop a communications and reporting plan
Identify resources
Develop objectives
Identify the milestones
Set the goal
Set review dates
Identify tasks
Identify risks
(a) What is delegation? There are several definitions. Look up a definition from the internet. (Give your
Examples include:
(b) what do you think are the benefits of delegation when leading a team? (50 words)
Group dynamics is the ways team members interact and relate to one another.
(a) How important is it for team leaders to understand group dynamics?
(b) Explain what the following terms mean in relation to groups and how they function. Give examples of
Terms Explanation and examples
Organisational culture
List five (5) activities which encourage a work group to become an effective team and meet their goals.
What are possible causes of group conflict? List at least six (6).
As a team leader, how would you resolve each of the following problem situations?
May include the following or similar
Conflict area How you would resolve it
Ana is frequently late for work, stating that personal issues frequently prevented her from arriving on time
22/01/2021 [In Process] 62876 – If your assessment is being submitted after 4/6
Ming is always working hard, staying back late and the first to put his hand up to do additional jobs. This is
causing the others in the team to resent as they saw it as ‘sucking up’ to leaders, and it was setting an
expectation for everyone else to work back late.
Michael takes a long time to complete work and frequently asks people to help with IT problems. It is
annoying people as it is interrupting them in their work, and they feel they are ‘carrying him’.
Farouz never finishes his projects on time, and blames others for not forwarding their work; they complain he
was disorganized and didn’t explain things properly
(a) In what ways may people in a work team be different?
(b) How can individual differences cause conflict?
(c) What attitudes and behaviours, including communication can help to avoid or resolve conflict based on
individual differences? List at least four (4)
(a) Explain what is consensus
(b) What is brainstorming?
(c) How can brainstorming and consensus help to solve workplace problems?
How can a leader motivate the team? (50 words)
Team leaders are often encouraged to change leadership styles for different situations.
Match up the following different leadership styles with the most suitable situation when it would be required.
Style Situation
A Telling /directing 2. Team is not performing as well as it could in a new procedure and needs motivating
into doing better
B Selling / coaching 1. Emergency situation and staff need to evacuate the building
C Participating / supporting 3. Team is experienced and has been working well. A new project is about to
C Delegating/ observing 4. The team is doing a new project and is worried about it as they have never done
this type of work before.
What strategies could a team leader embrace to encourage innovation in the workplace? (50 words)
Negotiation is a method by which people settle differences. It is a process by which compromise or
agreement is reached while avoiding argument and dispute. Describe two situations at work when you have
needed to negotiate. Include:
• a description of the issue or area you were negotiating
• what you lost
• what you won
• the outcome you agreed on.

Question 16.
Which of the following can help in encouraging productivity in a work team? Tick the correct answer/s.
• Set work goals
• Set objectives
• Set KPIs
• Firmly direct the team member what to do
• Seek input from team member into work planning
• Reward effort and achievement

What is the difference between a group and a team? Explain the terms and give an example of each.


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