What is the name of the. Button that is a set of frequently used toolbars? A. Ribbon B. Title bar C. Quick Access Tollbar D. Status Bar

What is the name of the. Button that is a set of frequently used toolbars? A. Ribbon B. Title bar C. Quick Access Tollbar D. Status Bar.

Questions: 9

1. what does it means when hash tag (###) appear in a cell?
A. the cell’s column width id too small
B. the cell’s column width is too large
C. the cell’s column height is too large
D. the cell’s column height is too small

2.To fill in data, mouse must look a …
A. Fat white cross
B. Fat Black cross
C. Skinny Black Cross
D. Skinny white cross

3. Which of the following is an accurate cell name?
A. 1A
B. Row 1 column A
C. A1
D. Col Arow 1

4.To change the row height, place the mouse on the following…
A. The select all button
B. Line between the row numbers
C. line between the column letters
D. the sheet tab

5. What is the name of the. Button that is a set of frequently used toolbars?
A. Ribbon
B. Title bar
C. Quick Access Tollbar
D. Status Bar

6. Which of the follow text formatting features in Microsoft Excel are not in Microsoft Word?
A. Align Left
B. Center
C. Align Right
D. Orientation

7. Numeric cell data automatically lines up on the _ of the cell.
A. Center
B. Middle
C. Left Side
D. Right side

8.Which of the following number formats will display the money sign next to numeric data?
A. Increase Decimal
B. Comma
C. Percent
D. Accounting

9. which of the following buttons combines several cells into one cell?
A. Wrap Text
B. Merge and Center
C. Orientation
D. middle Align

10. which of the following application software calculates and analyzes numeric data as well as creating charts to visually represent that data and displays it on a grip of columns and rows?
A. Microsoft PowerPoint
B. Microsoft Word
C. Microsoft Excel
D. Microsoft Access

1.which of the following formulas is correct
A. =3D-E3

2.which of the following changes the layout, background color, and color of the series
A. Color
B. Quick layout
C. chart styles
D. Change Chart Type

3.Which chart element identifies the chart’s data?
A. X-Axis
B legend.
C. Series
D. Chart Title

4. Which of the following is a representation of numeric data?
A. Chat
B. Smart Art
C. Screen shot
D. Word art

5.Which of the following is the first step in creating a spreadsheet formula?
A. Type an equal sing (=)
B. Press the enter key to see the result
C. Select where to display the answers
D. Identify the problem you are solving

6. what is the name of the button that displays the input functions window?
A. Auto Sum
B. What if
C. Formulas
D. Functions

7. Which of the following symbols always start a spreadsheet formula?
8. Which of the following is the correct operation in spreadsheets for division?
A. division
D. /
9. which of the following functions counts the numbers cells in range that contains text data?
A. =Sums
B.= Counta
C. =sum
D. Count
10. which of the following functions is incorrect?
A. = Average (B2:F2)
B.= Sum (B2-F2)
C.= min (B2:F2)
D.=Max (B2:F2)

1. multimedia consists of which of the following?
A. Animation
B. All
C. Graphics
D. text

2. which of the follow can presenters use to copy, delete or move slide?
A. Slide sorter and thumbnail pane
B. slide sorter and notes pane
C. slide pane and slide sorter
D. slide pane and notes pane

3. which tab allows users to include graphics, audio, and video in a presentation?
A. Design
B. Insert
C. Animations
D. Slide Show

4. A_ is a collection of present fonts, colors, and effects that changes the background of the slide
A. Animation
B. Thumbnail
C. Transition
D. Theme

5. Which of the following allows the presenter click before going on to the next slide and make notes or highlight major points on the slide during the show?
A. Rehearsed Timings
B. Automatic Slide Show
C. Theater Mode
D. Manual Slide Show

6. Which of the following determinates how a slide appears during a slide show?
A. Transition
B. Trim
C. Sort
D. Animation

7. Which of the following Microsoft PowerPoint features allow users to video all actions occurring on their screen
A. Record Audio
B. Rehearse Timing
C. Screenshot
D. Screen Recording

8. Which of the follow changes when a video or audio file begins and starts?
A. Sort
B. Animation
C. Transition
D. Trim

9._ make presentation elements such as pictures, shapes, text, or textboxes move in any direction or all at once.
A. Transition
B. Trim
C. Animation
D. Sort

10. Which of the following is the first slide that appears in a presentation?
A. Title Only
B. Title Slide
C. Title Two content
D. Content with Caption

1. The keyboard shortcut to close the database window is _
A. Esc
C. CtrL+F6
D. CtrL+ Alt+F2

2. when creating questions about your table, you are creating _
A. Forms
C. reports
D. folders

3. ALL the data in your database is stored in _
A. Tables
B. Forms
C. queries
D. reports

4. Queries, forms, tables and reports are_
A. Slides
B. worksheets
C. database objects
D. Keyboard shortcuts

5. The home tab, create tab, and external data tab are part of the _
A. Navigation pane
B. ribbon
C. toolbar
D. taskbar

6. The keyboard shortcut for creating a new database is _
A. CtrL+N
B. Ctrl+D
C. CtrL+A
D. CtrL+O

7. You would press _ to open an object in design view.
A. ALT + F1
B. CtrL+ Enter
C. Atl+ Tab
D. Shift + Backspace

8. You need to create a _ to to present data form a table or query In a printed format
A. File
B. folder
C. form
D. report

9. The completed tables, queries, forms, and reports are located on the_
A. Taskbar
B. desktop
C. Navigation pane
D. Toolbar

10. An easy way to view and edit tables and queries is through_
A. Reports
B. forms
C. folders
D. files

1. Pressing the _ key opens up the help menu:
A. F1

2. The filter button can be found on the _ tab.
A. Create
B. Database Tools
C. Home
D. File

3. How would you create a blank database on ACCESS? Select the correct order:
A. File>New database
B. File>New>blank database>type name of database>create
C. File>save database as
D. crate>report

4.To sort records from A to Z, You will need to click on the _ button
A. Ascending
B. Descending
C. Escalate
D. De-escalate

5. You can add a primary key from the _tab
A. Home
B. External Data
C. Table Tools Design
D. Create

6. How would. You create a table in design view?
A. Create> Data type
B. Create>New Data Type
C. Create > table Design>Enter name in field name >select a data type
D. Create>table>design>new entry

7.How would you delete a record:
A. Click on record selector button next to record, then click on the enter button
B. Click on record selector button next to record, then click on the delete button
C. Click on record selector button next to the record, then click on the tab button
D. Click on record selector button next to the record, then click on the backspace button

8.How would you create a new blank table?
A. Create> Field
B. Create >query
C. create>column
D. Create>table

9.The totals buttons is located on the _tab
A. Database Tools
B. Create
C. home
D. external Data

10. To add a record to table, you will need to click on the _ button
A. New Field
B. New Column
C. New row
D. New record

1.Determinate the correct function for each keyboard shortcut:
CtrL+ A
A. Select all, bold text, close window, copy text
B. Select all copy text, help menu, paste text
C. Italicize text, bold text, save as, paste text
D. Select all bold text, save as, paste text

2.When typing in a paper in MLA format on MICROSOFT WORD, you will need to change the font to _and font zise to _
A. Ariel, 10
B. Times New Roman, 12
C. Book Antiqua,11
D. Calibri,14

3. A single page of POWER POINT presentation is called a _
A. slide
B. box
C. sheet
D. book
4. A e-mail with (no subject) in the subject line is not considered professional:
A. true
B. false
5. The _ is an example of an input device.
A. monitor
C. Mouse
D. printer

6. _ Is an example of an operating system
A. Facebook
B. Windows 10
C. Chrome
D. Adobe Acrobat Reader

7. The following is called a _ list:
-Complete task A
-Complete task B
-Complete task C
-Complete task D
A. Random
B. bulleted
C. short
D. numbered

8. In Microsoft POWERPOINT, The _ slide appears after clicking on the new slide button.
A. Title and Content
B. Blank
C. Title Slide
D. Two Content
9. In Microsoft Excel, what formula to obtain total from cell A1 to A9
A. = sum (A1:A9)
B. Total (A1:A9)
C. Sum (A1:A9)
D.= TOTAL (A1:A9)

10.In windows 10, the _ is not included in the taskbar.
A. open programs
B. notification area
C. desktop
D. start button

11. Websites can track your online activity through_
A. Cupcakes
B. cookies
C. breadcrumbs
D. pies

12. In Microsoft Excel, the fifth column and second row is cell_
A. A1
B. B5

13. In Microsoft Word, what key would be used to indent the first line of your paragraph?
D. CtrL

14. A research paper would be typed in?
D. PowerPoint

15. which is an example of a strong password?
A. PAssWorD
B. kj7P#%qp8?
C. abcd1234

16. In Microsoft Access, what criteria would be used to find all cities that start with the letter N
A. N

17. A printer is a (n)_ device
B. Communication
C. output
D. storage

18. In Microsoft Access, _ are rows and _ are columns
A. Records, fields
B. grids, Sections
C. sections, grids
D. fields, records

19. In Microsoft Power Point, you would need to change your view to when doing a class presentation
A. Reading view
B. outline view
C. slide sorter view
D. slide show view
20. You would like to send an email to another employee and include your boss in the email. However, you do not want the employee to see the boss copied on the email. You will use _ when including your boss on the email.
A. Bcc
B. Cc
C. Re
D. Fw

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What is the name of the. Button that is a set of frequently used toolbars? A. Ribbon B. Title bar C. Quick Access Tollbar D. Status Bar


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