Why do we have1

Why do we have1.

1. Why is computer-based learning important? Why do we have to look into improving it?
2. What are we counting as computer-based learning? (Ie. define the purposes for which things are considered computer-based learning, differentiate that with computer-assisted learning, then specify the scope of programs and studies this paper will take into account) (Find at least 30 different papers)
 3. Which computer-based learning methods are there currently? Which ones are we going to look deeper into? Why are these a representative sample of computer-based learning?
4. How effective are current forms of computer-based education? Are some better than others? If so, by how much (USE Statistics from other papers)?
 5. What trends, if any, do we see in the more successful and unsuccessful programs? Would these just be correlations or are they likely to be causations? 6. How can the field of computer-based education be brought further? What can we do to improve student success at all levels?
 Propose a few experiments (distinct from the ones before) that can test these new methods. BE SPECIFIC 7. Propose and defend a view of how this field will develop in the future 8. References


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Why do we have1


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