Why the economic evaluation is useful summary assignment

Why the economic evaluation is useful summary assignment.

This is a paper that is focusing on why the economic evaluation is useful summary assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Why the economic evaluation is useful summary assignment

Part A (10%) Present a summary of why the economic evaluation is useful. Remember to consider the need for economic evaluation in general, as well as the specific need for this evaluation. Part B (40%) Apply the NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED) guidelines to briefly report the design and results of the published economic evaluation. Then, apply the NHS EED guidelines on critical commentary to critically appraise the published economic evaluation. You do not need to use the table format of the NHS EED guidelines. But you do need to make sure that all aspects included in the NHS EED guidelines have been covered. If you do use the table format, then please remember that it will be included in the word count. Only numerical tables will be excluded (that is, tables summarising numbers).

Please remember, that it is just as important to report what data or information is missing, as it is to appraise the data present. Part C (40%) Suggest a future research project, relevant to economic evaluation, that is needed to allow this research to be implemented in practice. Do this by proposing one research project (e.g., a systematic review and modelling study or a trial analysis) that will overcome some the limitations described by you in your critical appraisal (Part B), provide your rationale. Remember to include a focused and answerable economic question. Describe and justify your chosen type of analysis and perspective, and present an overview of the data required and data collection methods. Finish by discussing how you would summarise the data and present and interpret results.


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Why the economic evaluation is useful summary assignment


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