will crawl into the skin of an anthropologist

will crawl into the skin of an anthropologist.

For this exercise you will crawl into the skin of an anthropologist and do some observing for at least an hour. This should be a fun exercise, and one that leaves you a lot of freedom on how to do it. First, you need to come up with a research question and a setting. Then, you will go into your fieldsite and make fieldnotes. In your field notes you will describe: the setting the people, what is happening, your position in the setting (try to include as much information as possible), how you are feeling (reflexive anthropology). Try to view it from a kind of outsider perspective, as if this setting is totally unfamiliar to you and your reader. However, do not exoticize or ridicule. The notes are part of the assignment and will be turned in as well. The next step is a separate section in which you analyze your fieldnotes (are there themes, trends, etc.?) and see if you can answer your research question from them. Some ideas that you may copy if you cannot come up with your own. You can also pic a setting from this list but have your own question(s). A coffee shop: what do people do at such a place? Does this vary by age, gender, or something else? Public space like a park or the creek: how do people engage with the place? A class: how do people behave in class; or, what are the dynamics between female/male/other students, and/or between professor and student? Campus: how do students and professors interact with each other in a particular part of the campus. A gym: what do people do, how do they interact; can you say something about age, gender, ethnicity, membership? Sporting event: what is happening? A drill site: what is happening; how do people work together? Research questions clearly stated: 10 Setting description: 20 Detailed field notes (without judgmental/ethnocentric language): 30 Analysis of fieldnotes: 30 Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation: 10

will crawl into the skin of an anthropologist


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