Women of Color and Infant mortality

Women of Color and Infant mortality.



Upload your State of the Science paper here. Be sure to use APA style. Include a title page and your reference
list. See Directions for EBP Project. This submission should be written in paragraph style. Use 1st level and
2nd level APA headings for these major sections of the paper:
In this section analyze the findings. Your paragraph style synthesis should answer the following questions:
· What findings are supported by more than one study/report?
· What findings are supported by just one study, but are compelling? Why are they compelling?
· What findings are out right contradictory across the studies?
· Describe the practical significance of the research findings?
Do not include the questions in your synthesis; rather use them as a guide.
Level of Evidence (5 points): Provide a summary/analysis of the strength of evidence that you found. Use
Melnyk & Fineout’s hierarchy to describe the overall validity and strength of evidence available to answer your
question. Discuss the level of evidence in terms of the PICOT question. For example, if there are not many
random controlled




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Women of Color and Infant mortality


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