working days after the completion of WPE.

working days after the completion of WPE..

Assessment 2 Reflective Portfolio
Due date 5 working days after the completion of WPE.
Pattern A – Friday 21st May, 2021, 1700 hrs (Week 11)
Pattern B – Friday 4th June, 1700 hrs (Week 13)
Weighting 40%
Submission Your assignment will be submitted into a Turnitin submission box within the SNUG304 Moodle site. You will have the opportunity to review and re- submit your assignment up to the due date and time.
To learn more about how to use Turnitin please access the resources at the following link:
Type of Collaboration Individual
Length 2000 words (two 1000 word reflections)
Details Details
You are to complete a professional portfolio that demonstrates your learning during your SNUG304 workplace experience (WPE). The portfolio can be completed using any materials or software and must be submitted in a PDF format. You are to consider how 20 days of learning in the clinical environment has contributed to your knowledge and understanding of nursing practice. The professional portfolio is to have the following headings:
Provide a short overview of the professional portfolio in this section and outline the care environment where you undertook your WPE.
Reflective Professional Portfolio
Reflect on your learning during your WPE and share this learning using a mind map. During the construction of your mind map consider the following questions:
1. Analyse a personal action from your practice using the pre-requisites from the Person- centered Practice Framework (McCormack &McCance, 2018).
2. Demonstrate how this action was evidenced.
3. Reflect on how improvement of this action, could occur in future WPE and your future practice.
Using your mind map as a guide write two 1000 word reflections which incorporate;
1. Reflecting on the RN Standards for Practice (2016) Standard 1: thinks critically and analyses nursing practice- analyse your own practice and how you have met this standard.
2. Considering the Person-centred Practice Framework (2018) focusing on policy framework within the macro context- use your learning from across all your other autumn subjects (tutorials, simulated nursing tutorials and online), discuss how your topic has influenced your action during your WPE.
Each reflection is to use John’s model of reflection (1995). The use of the reflective model must be integrated into the discussion and referenced.
Style and format Mind map and Reflection following John’s Model of Reflection (1995)
APA 7 referencing system
A summary of the APA 7 can be accessed on the Library website at
Any additional information for other types of assessments such as digital poster, presentation etc.
Subject Learning Outcomes 1. Perform and document a range of advanced nursing assessments and skills in the healthcare environment;
2. Use critical thinking and judgement to respond to changes in a person’s health condition;
3. Demonstrate the ability to engage in collaborative and therapeutic care within the interdisciplinary team;
4. Locate evidence as a basis for decision making when caring for people in a variety of healthcare environments;
5. Evaluate nursing practice from an ethical, legal, cultural and professional perspective in the provision of person-centred nursing care;
6. Critically reflect in and on practice within the professional portfolio to evaluate learning;
7. Critically reflect on/in practice using the RN standards for practice.
Marking Criteria See Rubric page 11-13

working days after the completion of WPE.


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