Write a 4000 word essay

Write a 4000 word essay.

Write a 4000 word essay. You can choose from the following questions: 1) ‘The shock of “das unrettbare Ich”, which according to Ernst Mach and Hermann Bahr is characteristic of modernity, reverberates through the Austrian literature of the period 1890–1938.’ How far, if at all, do you agree with this assertion? 2) ‘Kein Mensch kennt den andern. Geschwister, Eltern und Kinder kennen einander nicht. Ein Hauptmittel des Mißverstehens ist die Sprache.’ How Analyse the significance of this observation, made by Fritz Mauthner in 1901, for Austrian literature of the period 1890–1938. 3) ‘Es ist das Unbekannte, das Angst erweckt, und die Frau war nicht nur sich selbst, sondern vor allem dem Mann unbekannt.’ How far, if at all, do you agree with this assertion? 4) ‘Es ist uns, als äußere sich das Streben des Weibes nach Macht, der Wettbewerb der Frau mit dem Manne darin, daß sich diese weibliche Überempfindlichkeit im Schauen, Genießen, Denken und Fühlen dem Manne mitteile, ihn erobere.’ Consider the significance of this observation, made by cultural historian Rudolf Lothar in 1891. 2 5) ‘It is not merely human mendacity that Austrian literature of this period lays bare; words themselves lie.’ Discuss. 6) ‘Despite its modernity, Austrian literature of the period 1890–1938 betrays a strong sense of loss, of a world in a state of collapse and a still undefined future.’ Consider the validity of this assertion. 7) ‘In turn-of-the-century Austria sexuality became the symbolic territory where the fundamental issues of the age were debated: the crisis of individual identity, the conflicts between reason and irrationalism, and between domination and subservience.’ Discuss. 8) Compare and contrast the ways in which social class AND/OR ethnicity are presented. 9) Analyse the depiction of male homosociality. 10) Consider the manner in which time is treated Based on/using the following works- at least 3 in the essay: Modernism and misogyny: Otto Weininger, Geschlecht und Charakter (1904) Arthur Schnitzler: Anatol Grete Meisel-Heß, Fanny Roth Arthur Schnitzler, Fräulein Else Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Der Schwierige Ödön von Horváth, Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald Joseph Roth, Radetzkymarsch


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Write a 4000 word essay


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