write a plan for the district administrators6

write a plan for the district administrators6.

Your position as a new school leader will have an effect on the school’s culture (simply because of the change in leadership). In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to consider how you will begin your future position as a school leader. For this benchmark, review the case study and respond to the scenario by developing a professional culture improvement plan. Case Study You were informed in February that you would be the new principal of Maynard High School beginning in July.
In 1,250-1,500 words, write a plan for the district administrators who hired you detailing what you are going to do to revive the school’s culture. Include the following in your plan: *A brief summary of the existing school culture based on the information you gathered since February *Mission and vision statements for the school *At least two short-term and two long-term outcomes that will help to ensure that individual student needs inform all aspects of schooling *A description of how you will involve and collaborate with faculty/staff, students’ families/caregivers, and other community members by collecting and analyzing information pertinent to the improvement of the school’s educational environment and student-centered culture *A description of how you will respond to the interests of students’ families/caregivers by building and sustaining positive school relationships with them *A description of how you will respond to community interests by building and sustaining productive school relationships with community partners *A description of how you will advocate publicly for the needs and priorities of students, families, and the community *Rationales for your decisions, including how your plans will establish a student-centered environment that promotes social justice within the school Elaborate in the fictional case as you see fit.


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write a plan for the district administrators6


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