Your asignment consists of writing a five-paragraph essay on How to Write a Five

Your asignment consists of writing a five-paragraph essay on How to Write a Five.

Your asignment consists of writing a five-paragraph essay on How to Write a Five-Paragraph essay.
Follow these guidelines as you compose your essay:
Write your introduction with three thesis points (2-5 sentences about anything + thesis)
Make sure you have a transition at the beginning of each body paragraph
Develop each body paragraph using the thesis point in the order given in the thesis
Conclude by summarizing your main points with pizzazz
Revise and proofread
Remember: clarity, conciseness, coherence
Here is an example of a student essay.
How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay
Only English majors like writing essays. They take too long to write, they take a lot of effort, and they never turn out how you want it. However, essays can be an easy assignment if you know the right tricks. Writing a five-paragraph essay consists of three steps: preparation, planning, and producing.
Let’s start with preparation. Just like preparing for a night out with friends or going on a date, this takes thought. The best way to prepare is to do a little thing called prewriting. There are multiple different ways to do this and it all depends on personal preference. Some people may like the idea of outlining or brainstorming while others may prefer freewriting or clustering. One thing all these tactics have in common is the element of preparation. Although it may seem pointless, the more prepared you are to write the essay, the easier it will be.
After you have spent as much time preparing for an essay as you did getting ready, it is time to move on to phase two: planning. This is one of the most vital steps in making the essay-writing process quick and tantrum free. The thesis statement of your essay will be the first thing to complete. Not only does the thesis statement include your opinion, it tells the reader what the entire essay will be about. It lets them know why the heck they’re reading your paper and what to expect when/if they do read it. After you have created a thesis statement worthy of a prestigious award, you will probably have all sorts of ideas you want to put in the essay. Cool your jets, speed racer, there has to be some type of structure or no one will know what you’re talking about. I know, after spending all that time thinking over prewriting and thesis, the last thing you want to do is organize your thoughts. Rest assured, there are different ways to present ideas that will appeal to you. From emphatic to reverse emphatic to a sandwich-style formation, you’ll be on cloud nine executing this step.
Now that everything is organized all nice and neat, you can finally begin putting it all together. Start with the introductory paragraph. Write a few sentences about anything in the world and connect it to the thesis. Not only have you grabbed the reader’s attention, you’ll be finished before you know it. Next are the dreaded body paragraphs. As intimidating as they may seem, using one little acronym will make this step a walk in the park. SESC: State the topic sentence, explain it, support it, and conclude it. Not so scary anymore, is it? Don’t forget to transition between paragraphs, though.
The end is finally in sight and all you can think about is what you are going to eat once you are finished. Concluding your essay can be the easiest part. All you do is summarize everything you’ve just written. End it with a little pizzazz, make a funny comment or give a little insight to the future. The world is your oyster, so to speak. Revise your essay once you are done and make a few tweaks then, bada bing bada boom, one perfect essay ready to be turned in!

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Your asignment consists of writing a five-paragraph essay on How to Write a Five


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